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    People might speak different languages,

     but they should be united by heart.
    R. Gamzatov

    One day a famous American scientist confirmed in his report: To achieve real success you need three languages: native, computer and English.
    Actually, there are only little spheres in peoples life where English is not possible to apply. Today development of industry and trade, cooperation in science and culture make necessary the union of people all over the world. English language can help to do it. It takes place in spite of ourselves and its impossible to refuse it. This foreign language gradually comes into our life. We more often use in our daily life the words as brand, shopping, designer, container and others. Certainly, studying foreign language its important to store and preserve our native Russian. However the value of English as means of international dialogue can be difficult overrated.
    Recently I have read somewhere that by 2015 half of globes population will speak English. Today its already spoken by more than 400 million people. Every year a vast number of guests visit English-speaking countries with business purposes or as tourists. Many tourist companies offer the training language programs.
    I remember well my first English lessons at school. There was a lot of new, not clear, but interesting for me. Weve learned that English is language of international communication. But the true meaning of this phrase we understood little bit later when in spring we went with my class on excursion to the hero- city of Novorossiysk. Walking on the quay we met many foreigners. There were students from Near East, Latin America and tourists from Africa. All of them were representatives of different cultures, traditions, mentalities. But besides their own native languages they could speak English well. It was great when we tried to talk with them and it turned out! It was found that although were separated by thousands kilometers of borders and sometimes we have different colours of skin, all the same we have more in common than distinctions. We listen to the same music, we play the same games, and we have a lot of similar hobbies. At that moment in the port weve forgoten about the time, because it was so funny and interesting to communicate with unusual people for us. English helped us to be united. Unfortunately there wasnt enough knowledge. Then I decided for myself to learn English without fail so that Ill be able to talk easily. And I thought it would be exciting to have friends in different parts of our planet and to correspond with them.
    With English we can be felt confidently in every spot of the globe. Any information could be more available, because using Internet we open for us all libraries of the world. But the reading books, newspapers and magazines in English is not only amazing, but also gives vast opportunities for education.
    Now many young people dream to get worthy education and to become excellent experts in their trades. Im not exception and so I would like to find an interesting job in the future, too. Its not a secret that knowledge of English language takes an important place in it. The English-speaking graduates of high schools have the better prospects by professional plan in every field. Each responsible expert who treats creative his business and is not going to stop on what he had achieved, will search for the most effective ways of development his enterprise and exchange experience not only with Russian but also with foreign colleagues.
    An example of such modern approach to his work shows our president Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He is a person who speaks well German and has the best interpreters at his disposal. But he considered it necessary to find in his tense working day time for studying English, too.
    Im sure that the peoples contacts will be improved and become more civilized. Today people enjoy traveling, start friends and are interested in for customs of other nations. Its so fine!
    English is a thing which can unit people in the world at different spheres: friendship, holidays, job and sports. Having common interests, it would be easier to solve more important problems of our society.





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